About Worth Design

Over recent years technology has been the stimulus for a major culture change in teaching and learning practice. In response to these changes Mike Worth established Worth Design. With the aim of providing support for technology enhanced learning (TEL), e-learning and blended learning. Technology can have a very positive effect on the learners experience. But teachers need relevant CPD opportunities if the full potential is to realised.


About Mike Worth

Mike Worth supporting technology enhanced learning (TEL), e-learning and blended learning.

Mike is a cabinetmaker (FIOC), Teacher (MSET) and Learning Technologist (CMALT). He is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their commercial, career and educational goals.

To view Mike’s CV follow this link and the gallery page illustrates some of the furniture that Mike has made during his career.

ACER and JISC/LSIS have recognised some of Mike’s work. Case studies and write-ups can be found here ACER JISC/LSIS ACER  or on the SET site here. To view the ACER write-up on-line follow this link found here (flash based). You can find Mike’s mini CMALT site here.

For commentary and tutorials on a wide range of elearning and blended learning topics, visit our blog page.


About the services and resources that support technology enhanced learning (TEL), e-learning and blended learning

If you would like to learn more about the services that we provide check out our services page.  Why not try some of the e-learning and blended learning courses and resources that we have made, for yourself. Visit our Moodle demonstration site and get a feel for what technology could do for you.